Through my eyes.

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Posted on 15, July 2014 July 15 2014 2014年7月15日 by shawnwithadoublev

Anonymous asked:

On a scale of one to ten would you take a bath in mashed potatoes and gravy.

my body craves for the touch of mashed potatoes, the soft white flesh of the vegetable sliding over my body. i havent slept in fifteen days. only the beautiful rapturous gooey white semi solid plant matter inspires me to continue living. sometimes i like to imagine that the mashed potatoes have accepted me as their loving partner. oh can i dream.

Posted on 28, June 2014 June 28 2014 2014年6月28日 by shawnwithadoublev

Anonymous asked:

2, 4, 15, 27 :-)

2: have you ever done drugs? No!!!
4: Have you ever drank? Nope
15: invisibility or ability to fly? Invisibility because i feel like i could do so many cool things with it
27: what’s your religion? I dont really have a specific religion. i believe that there’s something out there, but i dont believe in many specifics past that